You're Doing It Wrong (and that's OK) / by Megan Jones

Member Post By Jessica Jones

Art Counts is the brainchild of Jessica Jones, an artist and CPA who feels that a creative vocation should not rob artists of the right to be financially secure and economically empowered. Yes, art counts.


People start their own businesses for a hundred different reasons,

but one thing most of us have in common (especially in creative fields) is that we have found something we love to do, and we want to do it well. We want to be experts in our field; to always be in control, to have the right answer and to generally kick ass.


Unfortunately, it is the nature of entrepreneurship to get up every day and realize that you have been doing almost everything a little bit wrong. You get to make all the decisions and you do the best you can, but inevitably you look back and see that you could have done better. This is totally normal, but it’s also emotionally exhausting.

I constantly kick myself, thinking “damn, if I only knew a year ago what I know now, things would have been so much easier!” But of course, that’s not how learning works.

You do it wrong before you learn how to do it right.

Perfection is impossible. In order to have all the skills to be the perfect entrepreneur you would need to have a law degree, a CPA license, and a masters in marketing. You’d need public speaking classes, writing seminars, and an MBA, plus of course you’d need to be an expert in your field. Then you could go into the world totally prepared. And then someone would ask if you had management experience. And you’d have to say no, because you spent the last two decades studying!

You will never be fully prepared.

Everyone who ever did anything did it for the first time at least once.

It is admirable to want to be ready. A responsible person doesn’t take on a task for which they are completely unprepared, but at some point you just have to try.

You are doing it wrong. No matter what you are doing, someone has done it better, is doing it better, or will do it better.

But that’s ok because you are doing it. And tomorrow you’ll do it better.

And twenty years from now, you will wonder how you even functioned when you first started. But that’s ok too, because that place where you know everything? That’s the destination. And the trip is no fun if you start there!