Listening Room News / by Katie DeConto

Sumner James - April 9th 2016

What a night! We weren't sure if we could cram James' whole band into the room, along with 40 chairs for the audience, but we did it and it was stupendous. This was Sumner James' debut album release and so the energy in the room was high and fun. We don't yet have any videos to release, but stay tuned for those, because they're going to be a hoot. SJ's music was fun, accessible, and unique, blending organic vocals and traditional instrumentation with a slew of electronic toys. During the Q&A, James did his best to create a teaching moment and explain to us musical luddites what these toys were and what they did. I can imagine that some people were tracking (see what I did there?) and some weren't, but everyone was most definitely having a good time. 

Kamara Thomas - April 29th 2016

If you weren't able to attend this event, don't be too sad. Kamara Thomas will be gracing us later this month (4/29) with her lady-rock prowess and questionable* cast of accompanists from her band, Kamara Thomas and The Night Drivers.

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*Questionable as in I don't yet know who they will be. I'm sure they're all lovely, stand-up individuals.