Introducing: Monthly Mixer for Creatives / by Katie DeConto

So I just moved back to the area after 5 years in DC. Five years of living in a place where the creative heartbeat doesn’t always truly mesh with the heartbeat of the district. As a result, I always felt like I was clapping on the “off” beat while everyone else was inexplicably hitting the “on” beat every time. And I got tired, because even though there is a vibrant art/craft/maker/creative scene in the area, it just wasn’t its heartbeat. I needed a steadier rhythm, one that I could hear over motorcades and the Metro and that time I got in a car wreck with the Secret Service (ask me about it). 

Then the stars aligned for me to make a big change in my life. And I ended up here. A place I truly believe has enough of a creative heartbeat to sustain me as I grow and move forward as a freelance writer, editor, and maker. A place that has already shown me through some amazing conversations that it has that heartbeat. 

Therefore, I was thrilled to find out about Mercury Studio. And to have a place where I could not only work, but do so with talented people who have the same creative heartbeat as me. The day I joined, I was talking to Megan (Mercury Studio cofounder) about different events, workshops, and fun things I could do here at Mercury, and the idea of a creative mixer came up, a place where people can come about talk about their projects and ideas, those that were percolating, just fresh, or perhaps needed a reboot. 

Hearing that Mercury used to host a salon with The Carrack once upon a time, I met with Laura (The Carrack cofounder) and we came up with an idea for an Artist Mixer. Because just as I know that my work needs to have that creative heartbeat, I know I’m not the only one who pulls from that place to create, grow, and thrive. So starting this Thursday, The Carrack and Mercury Studio will be co-hosting an Artist Mixer the last Thursday of every month from 6:30 - 8:30pm. 

During the event, not only will you be able to meet other like-minded people, but there will also be 6 slots open at the beginning of the evening to sign up for. Each slot is for 5 minutes and is for you to announce your new project, tell everyone about an upcoming event or heck, introduce yourself to everyone all at once (with or without slides!). 

Sound fun? Awesome! This month the mixer is at The Carrack, and we just ask that you bring a snack or drink to share. One of the best things about being in a creative town is the creative people and their proverbial creative heartbeat, so let’s start talking more, sharing more, and fueling each other even more than we are already. 

This post was written by Mercury Studio member, Betsy Greer.