we have BIG NEWS

If you've been following us on social media lately, you may have gotten wind that something wild is afoot.

Well, get ready for it! [drumroll, please]

Mercury Studio has joined forces with The Makery to become ONE BUSINESS: THE MOTHERSHIP.

We've joined ownership too. So now, instead of Katie and Megan working as a duo, Krista Anne Nordgren (cofounder of The Makery) has made us a trio. This is SUPER exciting, as each of the three of us have a unique skill set and together, we are pretty much unstoppable.

This is more than just a legal switcharoo and a new brand. We are scheming to expand our offerings beyond the lovely coworking and retail space you have come to know and love. Think: coaching, conferences, cohorts, residencies, comunity-building, and mastermind groups. We've made it our business that the creative, independent professionals in this town have everything they need to have successful careers and balanced lives.

As we turn the next page on the business we've been building for nearly 5 years, we can't help but look back at our beginnings. We have come a long way. A community of truly amazing humans have trusted us with not only their workspace, but with building their work community and supporting their meaningful work in the world. We (all 3 of us!) can not wait to keep building this heart centered, community-minded, platform for those wildly creative and generous people working a little off the beaten path.


Good things. For members, this will mean a deeper and richer well of resources for them and their businesses. For the community, this change will bring even more events for community-building and business-building alike. Think of it like this: We are a home for good ideas and we're putting on a big ol' addition.

The Mothership will officially soon, so get connected and be sure to follow @themakerync for more announcements.