Our Team



Katie DeConto: Co-founder & Operations Boss

Katie is our operations boss, a musician, and a creative business coach. She helps passionate, independent professionals build dream jobs by identifying, setting, and reaching their goals. Because success is how we get there and building a life that sustains our work is important. It's how dream days become every day. Find out how to start creative coaching with Katie today.

Megan Jones: Co-founder & Development Boss

Megan is our development boss, an artist, and massage therapist. She helps creative professionals strengthen their inner drive by making spaces for reflection, rest, and relaxation in everyday life. The ease found in relaxation, either during a massage or through an uplifting conversation, can expand out into our lives, reducing the impact of stress and strengthening our resilience. Find out how to schedule a massage with Megan today.

Board of Awesome


Chair: Justin Cook
Member: Zoe Litaker


Chair: Janice Smith
Members: Amy Gregowski & Megan Jones

No, we aren’t a non-profit, but we still have a board. Our Board of Awesome is made up of teams of members dedicated to making Mercury Studio more awesome. Each team helps shape the culture of Mercury Studio by filling specific needs, creating connections, and growing community. New members are encouraged to join the board and launch a new committee to meet specific needs they are passionate about! Past committees included: Connect Team, Blog & Newsletter Committee, and Third Friday Committee

Study Hall Team

Allie Mullin
Aubrey Taylor
Dawn Dryer
Liz Blodgett
Melinda Hunt
Zoe Litaker

Our Study Hall Team welcomes everyone who enters Mercury Studio. They work the front desk, taking care of all the things that keep our coworking space working, clean, and productive for all our members.

Event Coordinator


Our event coordinator is the master of our calendar. She makes sure members’ events, private events, and public events are all scheduled and have everything in place. 

Listening Room Team

Katie DeConto - Coordinator
Ismail "Ish" Abdelkhalek - Filmmaker
Greg Abate - Audio Engineer
Steven DeConto - Production & Hospitality
Steve Anderson - Marketing & Booking
Megan Jones - Set Design
Justin Cook - Photographer

The Listening Room is how Mercury Studio helps the Durham community connect with its local songwriters. This team makes run beautifully. Check out our Listening Room page to see who's coming next month, and purchase your tickets