We are now The Mothership and you can visit our new online home, including info about coworking, space rental, and events, HERE.

A note from the founders on 3/20/17:

Mercury Studio has joined forces with The Makery to become ONE BUSINESS: THE MOTHERSHIP. We've joined ownership too. So now, instead of Katie DeConto and Megan Jones working as a duo, Krista Anne Nordgren (cofounder of The Makery) has made us a trio. This is SUPER exciting, as each of the three of us have a unique skill set and together, we are pretty much unstoppable. We've made it our business that the creative, independent professionals in this town have everything they need to have successful careers and balanced lives.

We are the same community with a different name and growing resources.
Check out the video below for a glimpse into the Mercury Studio community that is now The Mothership.