Membership Information

Mercury Studio is not only a space to work, it is an active community. We encourage our members to make connections, offer support, and spark growth in each other. Working hard alongside others who are working just as hard will create an energizing environment that is hard to find.
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  Additional Amenities:

  • All of our members receive 24/7 access to our coworking space, allowing you the flexibility to set your own work schedule.
  • Members receive discounts on space rental. Click here to see our space rental fees.
  • Need a business address? Add it to your membership for $15/month
  • Work with a team? Add up to two coworkers to a cafe or desk membership for an addition $50/month per person. (Not applicable to cafe light memberships)
  • Students and Military Discount: 35% off cafe membership and space rental
  • All memberships include a member profile.

Cafe Light:

Member has 5 workdays per month and can purchase additional days for $15 each. Does not include Back Room reservation.

  • $75/mo for month-to-month


Member has 24 hour access to any of the common work areas, as well as a small storage locker. Includes 10 hours/mo of Back Room reservation.

  • $150/mo for 6 months
  • $200/mo for month-to-month

private office:

Member has a private office with locking door. Work with a team? Up to 3 people can be included in this membership.

Large Office (105 square feet):

  • $500/mo for 12 months
  • $550/mo 6 months

Small Office (79 square feet)

  • $425/mo for 12 months
  • $475/mo 6 months


Member has a workspace for their use only, in one of our desk carrels. Includes 10 hours/mo of Back Room reservation.

  • $300/mo for 6 months
  • $350/mo for month-to-month 


Member teaches or facilitates art (or art focused) classes in the workshop space and/or the Back Room.

  • Membership fee based on commission. Limited to five members. Contact Megan to apply.


Member has shared use of our art studio space, with private entrance. (Two artists share one private room.)

  • $350/mo for 6 months
    Not available at this time. Please contact us to be added to the wait list.


Member has up to 10 hours monthly workshop use of the Back Room, subject to availability. 

  • $75/mo for 6 months
  • $100/mo for 3 months


Member has access to membership discounts and community resources: listserv, exclusive member events, etc. Includes 1 work day. Additional days are discounted ($15/day).

  • $35/mo