Board Of Awesome Interest Survey 

The Board of Awesome (BOA) exists to distribute authority to our members, who will in turn use their abilities and interest to bring more awesome to our community.

We will create a handful of areas, such as social events, new member welcoming, space development, etc. Whatever sounds both fun and useful!   

Each area will have a chair and then a couple of support people. This way, no one works alone and there can be levels of involvement. Committee chairs will receive a discount on their membership ($25/m) and will be ultimately responsible for the area, while the supporters can help out where they can.

Our motto: "The worst that can happen is nothing, and you are awesome!"


Please fill out this survey if you are interested in learning more

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Our goal is to come up with a hand full of committees that match your interest and our community’s needs. Which of the following areas spark your interest or curiosity? (check all that apply) *